The club was formed in 1976, to bring bikers together with an aim to improve the image of bikers and to organise biker events, but just as importantly to have fun doing it.

So thanks to members past and present, we have been 100% successful in achieving all of our aims and objectives. Many past members have gone on to start their own clubs throughout the Greater Manchester area after gaining experience with us.

We are always reviewing and improving the way we operate as a club as we are driven by the members and as such, the club expects its members to contribute as much as they can to enable the club to improve and evolve.

As a club, the things we get up to are:-

Annual charity rock night in February
Annual bike show in July
A number of bike rallies, from the small to large, throughout the year
Attending various bike shows
Interclub game nights
Charity runs
Assisting BMF's national rally in July
Rides out (evenings & weekends)
Social evenings

Stalybridge Motorcycle Club meets every Tuesday Night at 9.00pm in:

Stalybridge Labour Club,
Acres Lane,
SK15 2JR.
Tel: 0161 338 4796

What are meetings like?
Every Tuesday night a group of bikers meet in Stalybridge labour club, mostly we discuss nonsense and generally have a bit of a laugh. Our meetings aren’t very formal and we regularly interrupt each other to hurl mild insults or disagree with whatever point is currently being made. Its a kind of organised chaos. Mostly chaos.

Can I attend?
Of course! The more the merrier! Just park your bike at the side door, next to the ramp and walk in, you might get a few funny looks but as soon as we’re certain you’re not going to try and sell us anything then you’ll actually find that we’re perfectly friendly, If the room is already full don’t worry, we’ll make room and even pinch a few chairs from somewhere else.

Can I join?
If you like, we’re always open to new members. However if you expect your fellow members to give you a hug every time you see each other you’re probably in the wrong place. We’re a very individualistic group, to put it bluntly, we do what we like and we give as good as we get. Yes we may laugh at each other but we also laugh at ourselves. We look after our members, if you break down we’ll help you fix your bike at the roadside, if it can’t be fixed we’ll wait with you and even take you home. We’ll do whatever we can to make sure you can attend rallies and rideouts with us. We never leave a member behind and we never leave anyone out.

For more info regarding the club, or to find out about club membership you can
phone Daz on 07525 787574
or Email: